Past and present educational offerings:

This series of courses will include a review of the connective tissue and Myofascial systems. Relationships between structural segments in gravity, their compensations, and functional relationships will be included. Holding patterns, identifying significant biomechanical and functional dysfunction will be discussed and indentified. Course and lad will include evaluation of the Myofascial system and time to practice techniques to treat Myofascial dysfunction. Myofascial length testing to assess “where to start” is also included.

Structural Analysis

Ever wonder, “where do I begin?” or, “what am I looking at?” or “what does it all mean?” Back by popular demand, Maureen is offering a one day class in looking and seeing skills. This 8 hour class will focus on evaluation of structure in gravity, walking, sitting, structural compensations and functional relationships. She will help you connects the dots in what your seeing and where to begin.

This is a prerequisite class for all students interested in all courses.
Class is one day (9-6). 8 CEUs Cost, $175.00
Date: March 18, 2012
Discoverypoint School of Massage
Please email to register for this course or call (206) 552-6523

Myofascial & Structural Medicine Approaches

Whiplash, Thoracic Outlet, Carpal Tunnel, and Headaches are a few of the most common chronic pain syndromes seen by manual therapists. This course includes a 3-D review of relevant muscular, fascial, and neurovascular elements in the neck, shoulder girdle, and diaphragm. For each condition you learn myofascial / structural medicine assessment and treatment techniques, plus where to begin and how to focus your treatment session.

Seattle, WA

Instructor: Maureen Warren

Discoverypoint School of Massage
Please email to register for this course or call (206) 552-6523

$325 / 16 / $20.31 if registered by April 2
$350 / 16 / $21.88 Registered after April 2
Date: Sat. & Sun. April 28 – 29
Time: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days

Plantarfascitis, lowback & hip pain

This class focuses on myofascial length testing of the leg relating muscular, while effecting change in the fascia layers to provide a solid foundation to support the upper structure. This includes the review of superficial to deep musculature and myofascial planes, with emphasis on balance of the abductors, adductors, flexor and extensor muscles of the hips and thighs. Many sports related injuries and post-surgical pathologies will be covered.

Class is 2 days (Saturday 9-6, and Sunday 9-6) 14 CEUs

Please email to register for this course or call (206) 552-6523

Benefits of training to practitioner

Note: Courses do not need to be taken sequentially, and may be taken separately for CE credit. However Structural analysis is a prerequisite for all other courses. Courses are NCBTMB, CategoryA approved certification.