Structural Medicine and Hellerwork for Your Body/Mind

Body Conscious is focused on making sure that your body is performing at the optimum level through individual care plans that combine multiple techniques. By starting each appointment with an evaluation, we are able to customize the experience for your needs and how your body is operating.

Benefits to our clients

  • Chronic Pain is diminished
  • Range of motion increases
  • Exercise becomes safer and more effective
  • Client becomes more aware of use patterns that my create repetitive strain injuries

What Our Clients Say

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999. In 2004 I was in a horrible auto accident that damaged my back. Then in 2013 I slipped on the ice and fell directly onto my left hip. I knocked out both SI joints, ruptured L5 and bulged out L4. I have lived in pain for 19years.

Maureen Warren is the best hands on practitioner I have seen. I can not count the number of body workers I have been to over the years. No one compares to Mo. She is detailed, honest and aware of your needs. She is helping me. I leave in far less pain then when I arrived. I have established a trust with her that is a relief to finally have.

If you are in pain, trust her. She will help you.”

About Maureen

Maureen A. Warren, is a Licensed Massage Practitioner, Structural Medicine Specialist and Certified Hellerwork Therapist. Maureen is dedicated to assisting you in the treatment of major and minor injuries, ie: car accidents, work-related injuries, and scar tissue damage from previous traumas and/or surgeries. Postural issues and repetitive strain injuries related to every day life are often assessed and treated by the practitioner. Maureen’s commitment is to provide every client with compassion and support while addressing their physical challenges and needs.

Maureen has been a practicing LMP for over 30 years and founded Body Conscious after graduating from the Brenneke School of Massage in 1986. Right after completing her training as a massage therapist she went on to do an 8-week course in Traditional Japanese Shiatsu with Yasuo Mori and went on to apprentice under Yasuo for 2 years. Her interest in human structure led her to the two year Hellerwork Training program, from which she graduated in 1993. She completed the 4 year Structural Medicine training in 2011, facilitated by Donna Bajelis, PT, CHP, SMS. Donna is the owner and trainer of the institute of Structural Medicine and Maureen is one of her instructors in the program as well.
Maureen instructed at Brenneke School of Massage/Cortiva Institute for over 14 years. The primary focus of her teaching was myofascial release. She has produced and taught many independent continuing massage education (CME) courses throughout the great Puget Sound and Idaho, as well as having been an elective instructor of Myo-facial release courses at Discovery Point School of Massage located in Seattle, WA.